7 swimwear brands you need to know

Summer is here and the latest bikini trends are out. High waists and bright colors are sure to dominate this summer swimwear season. Everyone should feel confident and amazing in their swimwear, and these brands are all dedicated to making you feel beautiful while making sure the Earth and her environment are their top priority.

Here are 7 swimwear brands to know this summer!

1. For hip LA girls: Dipping Daisy’s

Dippin’ Daisy’s was founded in 2015 in Los Angeles, the beachwear capital of the world. They are made in the USA. Bikinis are designed to make women feel beautiful and confident in their own skin. Each piece (top or bottom) starts at around $40.

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2. Girls who want to feel like they’re on vacation at home: Frankie Bikinis

They’re probably all over your feed as the official trendsetters for swimwear styles of the summer, Frankies Bikinis. Founded by Francesca Aiello, Frankies Bikinis is a feminine and stimulating brand. They are designed based on recent catwalk looks with the idea that the costume should look good both on and off the beach. Highs and lows usually start at $70. One-pieces start at around $100. Yes, they are priced a little higher than the average swimsuit, and Frankies is often referred to as a designer swimsuit.

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3. Made from recycled and eco-friendly plastics: Reformation

The entire Reformation collection is made from recycled materials! What more could you ask for? They pride themselves on being eco-friendly and 100% recycled. Reformation’s signature gingham and floral prints appear throughout their collections. They are constantly adding new models to their already impressive range. Tops and bottoms range from $65 and up and one-pieces around $100.

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4. A brand that encourages female empowerment: Midori

Midori Swimwear was founded by Rachel Midori in 2011. A brand dedicated to empowering women, Midori encourages its community to live by the motto: “Other women are not my competition; I am with them, not against them. They’re plant-based, safe for your skin, and ethically made. The brand is truly focused on protecting our Earth. I had the chance to speak to the founder, Rachel Midori. She is fully dedicated to empowering women and supporting her community. I have one of the suits, and it feels so good on my skin and fits my body perfectly. Tops and bottoms are around $70+.

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5. The most flattering: One One Swimwear

One One Swimwear has been praised by many celebrities including Kendall Jenner, Kourtney Kardashian and Shanina Shaik. They have been reviewed and rated as some of the most flattering suits on the market. Even more exciting is that they are a zero waste company and make their bikinis on demand. Tops and bottoms are around $75+.

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6. The best on your wallet: Area

Aerie by American Eagle is a globally recognized company. It’s probably been on your “for you” page on TikTok recently as a preppy and upcoming trending brand. They are known for their bright colors and designs suitable for all body types. Aerie swim is easy on your wallet and really reasonable with tops and bottoms around $20+, and one-piece swimsuits around $30+.

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7.Ethical and sustainable: girlfriend collective

When Girlfriend Collective was founded, they wanted to be as transparent as possible. They created a brand focused on recycling and the people who support it. They are upfront about the products and dyes used in their clothing, especially their swimwear. Many of their costumes are made in neutral tones. Their new collection, however, is full of bold colors and bright shades of orange and blue. Tops and bottoms are around $40 and one-pieces are around $78.

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This summer, you should definitely feel and look your best. These are all amazing brands for your swimwear needs. I was able to contact many of them and tell them about the costumes, their designs and their companies. So choose your favorite costume or two and go have some fun in the sun! I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.