How to get comfortable this time of the month

All of us teenage girls can relate to the drag and pain of the time of the month. It’s so boring…..and if I could share with all of my tips for being comfortable during your time of the month to make it so much better and bearable. It’s very important that we girls are comfortable, because we don’t go through enough already? I hope these tips will help you enjoy it!

1. Buy and eat your favorite foods!

This is the time of the month when you are totally allowed to indulge yourself and eat whatever you want. It can make you feel better and more at ease, because it feels good to savor foods that you crave and love. Be it ice cream, sweets, chocolate or popcorn, whatever you prefer, be sure to buy it and enjoy it, it will make you all feel better. Many girls try to eat healthy throughout the month, so don’t feel bad about indulging yourself because you shouldn’t. You can only be more comfortable if you eat foods you love.

2. Cotton bras are your best friend!

If sore breasts are a big deal, then cotton bras are your best friend. They’re so comfortable, still stylish, and still provide the support you need. Calvin Kleins are a great investment, but even Primark’s inexpensive models work well. As long as they are supportive and provide as much comfort as possible, the price doesn’t matter.

3. Wear comfortable clothes!

Pajamas and tracksuits are essential. It’s certainly not possible to be comfortable if we make the wrong clothing choices, choosing baggy patterned pants over skinny jeans and baggy t-shirts over cropped tops. It makes all the difference, I promise. Spend as much time as you can in your pajamas, as it will help, tight clothes will only make you feel more bloated and sad.

4. Hot water bottles for cramps

They will soothe the pain and help you sleep better, also accompanied by paracetamol, of which you should of course only take the recommended dose and if the pain is not too intense, they will not be necessary. Hot water bottles can also be really cute and the fluffiest ones are simply the best. It can lift your mood, which is much needed!

5. Treat yourself!

This is my last but most important point. Treat yourself. Put on a cute face mask and sit back and relax in a lovely bath with a charming bath bomb of your choice and beautiful soothing music. Paint your nails your favorite color and soak your feet with bath salts and warm water. Exfoliate your skin, whatever you like to do, do it, all of these things will make you feel so much better.

I hope these tips will make the time of the month more comfortable and calm for anyone reading this. That’s it for today’s article and I’ll give you an appointment next week for another one. Have a fabulous week!