How to resolve family tensions during lockdown

The coronavirus has wreaked havoc around the world. COVID-19 patients have increased alarmingly and people around the world are maintaining social distancing by staying at home. Millions of families are grappling with enormous worries and uncertainties. Many people lose their jobs, suffer from financial problems, are unable to meet their daily expenses, such as food and education expenses, which makes them tense and annoyed.

Instead of spending two to three hours together, now, due to the lockdown, family members have to spend a lot more time together. Sometimes different opinions among family members can cause arguments and clashes. Small problems turn into much bigger problems that can affect our mental health and later turn into frustration and depression. But we must remember that every problem has solutions. So here are some ways to easily solve our daily problems and we must remember that we must adapt and deal with all the situations that we are currently facing.

1. Be patient and calm in all situations

If we are discussing a subject and it creates a disparity between others which leads to a big problem, we should not start yelling at others. First, calm down and be patient.

And if the problem is beyond our control, take a deep breath and go to another room where you can get some fresh air and calm down. Take a break, drink some tea, watch your favorite shows, listen to your favorite songs. Just stay away from the case. Because shouting and shouting is not the way to get a solution.

2. Walk away from negativity

Sometimes certain negative activities annoy us and stress us out. Thus, we get angry and start finding faults in others in every job, start yelling at our family members for no reason. We feel stressed for other reasons, but we get angry at our family members in unreasonable ways. Always try to stay away from negative activities such as negative discussions, posts, comments, negative people, especially those who keep spreading hate because it seriously affects our mental health. Stick with those who can guide you to the right path and give you favorable advice. Try to be positive and spread positivity.

3. Spend quality time with your family

Nowadays, we spend most of our time on social media. And forgot the most important person in our life, which is our family. We make virtual friends on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, Twitter, etc. Having the wrong concept that virtual friends are our real friends, but unfortunately that’s not true. The key is to minimize our social networking time. Set a specific time to spend with your family members, share your problems and feelings, we can tell jokes, can share our childhood memories especially our parents, can have a tea break, eat together, watch movies , our favorite shows. It would be easy for us to understand the thoughts and opinions of our family members. Pay attention to your parents as they are the first priority in our life.

4. keep a friendly relationship

We must always keep friendly relations with our young people and our elders. Then we can easily share our feelings with each other and maintain better communication with our loved ones. Loving our youngest and being sympathetic and supportive of all helps us maintain friendly relationships with each of them. So we can easily cope with any situation. This small step can help you overcome these complications easily.

5. Adopt a routine

We need to prepare a daily routine that will help us remember our daily activities. Keeping ourselves busy in our daily works will help us stop overthinking unnecessary things. Moreover, we can have a systematic life in lockdown. We mostly spend our precious time on useless things and just forget to perform our important works. Take a diary, write down your main activities and act on it so that we can manage ourselves in an organized way.

6. Be emotionally strong

Just like our muscles, our mind also needs exercise to gain strength. So, exercise your mind. Be open, non-judgmental and maintain an accepting attitude.

Always keep yourself emotionally and mentally strong. Don’t overthink or get too serious. Handle every situation in a normal and simple way. Keep in mind that every problem has a solution. And if you’re having trouble solving problems, don’t put too much mental pressure or stress on yourself. It’s okay, nothing seems serious here. Take your time.

7. Being responsible for our duties

As we all know, this situation is not the same as before. Now our duties and responsibilities towards our family have changed a lot. Make sure you perform your duties properly and don’t bother others for our own troubles. If you face complications, try to deal with them. Don’t be afraid of your problems and learn to fight them. And always motivate.

8. Stop the “blame game”

Stop blaming others for every problem, because blaming others is not the solution to any problem. Now think of your family as a team and give equal importance to everyone. Don’t be biased about your own problems because we all suffer from the same condition. Accept your flaws without hesitation and try to get over them instead of complaining about them. On top of that, most people blame their fate for their constant difficulties in their lives. So don’t blame your fate for this, make an effort to accept your barriers and try to overcome them.

9. Keep smiling

Keep yourself happy and encouraged. With a smiling face, one can easily handle big subjects. Smiling is very good for our health. It relieves stress and uplifts our mood. Smiling also boosts our immune system and lowers our blood pressure. It helps us feel good. See how many benefits we can get, just by a little smile. So smile more and more. We all love a smiling face.

Let it be clear that this is a very sensitive time when people can easily get depressed and confused and can lead us to both mental and physical illness. So prepare yourself mentally for the future as you can face any complication or difficulty with confidence. Always try to remember that no one can understand you better than yourself. I know it’s too hard to make these changes all at once, but don’t worry, take small steps each day and gradually see that you’ve changed a lot.

We must all think that we are all suffering from the same thing. Don’t be too serious or complicated because nothing is serious when we are all together. Love yourself, your family because no one is closer to us than our family.