No more aesthetics with Photoshop!

lowerNo more complaints “I have my eyes closed”, “pimples have appeared on my face”!

The new Samsung PL50 camera aims to put an end to the photoshop aesthetic. What? Let us now explain; With its “Perfect Portrait” function, it automatically focuses on the face, reducing wrinkles, freckles, acne and blemishes, making you look younger and more attractive. Thanks to the enhanced shooting quality with “Beauty Shot”, the tonal difference and brightness on the face are also automatically adjusted. In fact, the PL50 doesn’t stop there, it also puts an end to the “I had my eyes closed” complaint. It automatically takes two shots to capture open eyes and finds the perfect shot. The Samsung PL50, which you can carry easily even in your small bags with its slim and compact 21.5mm metal body, offers 3X ​​optical zoom, Samsung-exclusive digital image stabilization technology and 10. 2 megapixels. Thanks to the “smart album” function, which gives you easy access to your photos, the photos you take are automatically archived according to date, content and color. The menu is also in Turkish.


Bring movement to your office!