20 things on my bucket list that I want to do in my life

Being housebound for months can keep one away, but it also gives us a chance to think about what we want to do once we’re free. You’ve probably taken your late-night walks to the park for granted, or regret not wearing that outrageous outfit you love. But if there’s anything this year has taught us, it’s not to take our lives for granted and just do it. Below is a carefully curated list of experiences that we believe are worth leaving all fear at the door.

  1. Skydiving

    Definitely at the top of my list, skydiving is one of the most popular adventure sports today. The adrenaline of jumping out of a plane and falling to earth makes our hearts beat faster and it’s the lifelong dream of any adrenaline junkie like me. It is also a way to overcome your fear of heights.

  2. living with my best friend

    Even if it’s for a short time, living with your best friend is an incomparable experience. Your best friend probably knows you better than your parents, any boyfriend, or even yourself. In your early years, you spend the majority of your time with this person and living with them could quite possibly be one of the best decisions of your life.
  3. Crash a marriage

    Quoting the popular movie “Wedding Crashers” — Life is a party. crash it. – it’s one of those moments to “screw”. Dress and confidently walk straight in. Enjoy an evening of free food and drink as all you have to do is convince the happy couple that you are a long lost relative. What’s the worst that can happen anyway? (Watch out for the bouncers!)
  4. Volunteer at an animal shelter

    Dogs are creatures that I love more than myself and can do no wrong. When I was younger, I strongly considered being a veterinarian just to be airless around dogs. There are thousands of dogs in need and a fantastic way to help is to volunteer at your local animal shelter.
  5. make the shot Under the stars Date

    Personally, I like to believe that I’m allergic to clichés and that a date under the stars is probably the greatest there is, but due to its importance in dating culture today, it feels like a Rite of passage. The idea of ​​an evening with your partner alone and only tall trees to keep you company while you chat about astronomy is just magical.
  6. Ride the scariest roller coaster in the world

    Following the previous theme of adrenaline rushes, roller coasters can do a wonderful job of raising your heart rate to dangerous levels. The Takabisha roller coaster in Fuji-Q Highland Park, Japan is said to be one of the scariest in the world with the hill at an angle of 121 degrees and definitely a good reason to visit Japan at least once in your life.
  7. Living in a vacation destination

    You only live once and must make the most of the life you have been blessed with. It’s about exploration. Living in a vacation destination has its pros and cons depending on your lifestyle and preferences. Even if it’s not for the rest of your life, a year abroad in a place where faces change every week can do you good and help you find yourself, meet new people and learn things you couldn’t learn at home.
  8. Learn to make cocktails

    Knowing how to make good cocktails is an art and a skill that could come in handy later on. It’s certainly commendable and even if bartending isn’t your thing, you’ll be able to avoid the expense of hiring a bartender at your own small gatherings.
  9. Be part of a Flash Mob

    They’re fun, they’re exciting, and there are few better ways to spend that lazy Sunday night. A flash mob always gets the crowd moving and makes each giveaway’s day a little brighter. If you are a dancer or just like to dance, organize a flash mob with your friends. You will not regret it.
  10. Publish a book

    It’s every writer’s dream, mine included. Reading other people’s works is my favorite pastime and although publishing your own novel can seem daunting, it is possible if you put in the work. It’s a long and difficult process, but it could be one of your greatest accomplishments.
  11. Skinny Dip

    People who have bathed skinny are either really brave or completely drunk, but they would all agree that it’s something you have to do in life. It’s human psychology to want to do things we’re not supposed to and public nudity is on the list, but this rush is worth yelling at the Coast Guard.
  12. Participate in an open mic

    Open mic events are very popular and in demand as they are good for networking, discovering new talent and just having a unique night out. You have the freedom to play whatever you want, be it music, slam poetry, stand-up, etc. Although it can be quite nerve-wracking, crowds are generally easy-going and comfortable.
  13. Go on a spontaneous road trip

    We have an incessant need to plan every second of our day to achieve a non-existent level of productivity or for others like me, the work of the week that you have not done and instead decided to binge-watch ‘ Stranger Things’ is finally catching up with you. But for this reason, we forget to relax and this busy schedule has not allowed you to be adventurous for a while. So get in a car with some snacks, your playlist, maybe a few friends, and start driving. (no pre-trip research required)
  14. Own a lake house

    One thing I know for sure is that I’m still a city girl, but NYC life can be exhausting. The choice between the beach house and the lake house is subjective to your tastes, but it’s the perfect getaway when needed. A weekend of relaxation or to organize a party, it will certainly be the perfect investment.
  15. Volunteering in a third world country

    Even the fact that you can read this article right now means that you are extremely privileged compared to those in third world countries like Niger or the Central African Republic. Children who are the same age as us do not share the same luxury. If you can, try volunteering because no amount of help is enough, and we should all be lucky enough to be part of something bigger than ourselves.
  16. Scuba Diving – Conquering My Biggest Fear

    Seemingly therapeutic and also my biggest fear, scuba diving is great when you need some personal time and want to get away from life’s troubles. Most people who have had the opportunity to scuba dive describe it as a surreal experience and a must.
  17. Foster puppies

    There’s no greater pleasure than spending time with puppies (or kittens if dogs aren’t your thing!). Most often, stray puppies have to wait a long time before being adopted by a family or an individual. So, it’s never a bad idea to be that temporary family if you can’t adopt.
  18. Get a Drunk Tattoo

    Being the riskiest proposition on this list, drunken tattoos are loved and hated. For some, anything other than a meaningful tattoo with a long history behind them is the most regrettable of mistakes. For some like me, the history of the tattoo
  19. learn to surf

    If you’re lucky and live near the beach, surfing is probably your favorite evening activity. But some of us do not share this privilege. It’s the influence of ‘Outer Banks’ that makes me add this to the list of things you must do in life.
  20. Watch the Midnight Horror Movie Premiere

    From ‘The Conjuring’ to ‘Mama’, there’s nothing better than enjoying a good horror movie shared with popcorn, friends and a baggy sweatshirt. It’s all the more fun on a screen 10 times bigger than your TV.