Why You Might Have Trouble Forming Deep Friendships

People say life is too short to live with skepticism and caution.

“Live and let live” is a popular saying we hear, much the same. However, we seem to forget that being “social animals” it is impossible to live and let live because the principle of humanity is such that we live with each other in a society that does everything but follow this concept. . And so begins the battle of whether to live or let live.

So if you feel like you have attachment issues with your friends, here are some reasons why you might feel that way.

“Distrust and caution are the parents of security.” -Benjamin Franklin

Trust issues

Experiences tend to affect our current decisions, whether we like to admit it or not. If someone you really cared about in the past has hurt you in some way, it’s hard for someone to place the same trust in someone else. Therefore, many of your friendships may seem intimate and close, but in reality, you keep your distance.

General distrust

Skepticism is an eccentric trait. Its pessimistic nature conflicts with the promise of security in matters of emotions and well-being. Of course, when you’re skeptical, you tend to feel lonely because you can’t let anyone into your personal space. It’s really about what you need versus what you think you want.

be introverted

Introverts inherently enjoy being in their own company, but sometimes they may crave someone else’s company or at least have someone to lean on. Ultimately, we all want a shoulder to cry on, but when you can’t be with people for long, it makes the process of having friendships all the more difficult and complicated. It becomes more difficult once society has labeled you antisocial simply because you prefer your company to that of others.

Fake friends

Some things are just not in our hands, and having fake friends is one of them. There are two scenarios to this problem, one being that you know they are fake but you can’t really take time off because they are your only friends. Two, you don’t feel any connection to them and there’s no one at fault here. Having the wrong friends isn’t really up to you and I’m sure one day you’ll find someone who will mean the world to you.

Parental issues

A person’s upbringing defines who they are during their childhood. If your parents are conservative and keep to themselves, that would speak a lot to why you have trouble bonding. “It starts at home” is a very appropriate expression for this facet. Again, a person changes over time, but a small part of you may find it difficult to make friends even after changing, so the best thing to do for such a complication is to try to show yourself off. . Make friends with like-minded people and try to trust them over the years and you may be able to find a deep friendship.

Social media and technology

“It’s a very deceptive world, constantly asking you to comment but not really caring what you have to say.” -David Levithan

Instead of getting out of the house and interacting with their peers and friends, today’s teens sit at home in front of the laptop or a phone in their hand and browse memes or watch Netflix and ” to relax”. Basic social interaction is the key to making friends in the first place, forget about keeping them. In a time when kids talk more on Instagram or see each other more on Snapchat, this is anything but intimate. There is no physical attachment at all! And this obviously influences their ability to confide and have deep conversations. Other than that, their reliance on their image obscures their true character and this, quite obviously, reflects on their relationships.


We have only seen a very small part of our lives and there is so much more to come!

A random bump in the road can lead you to your future best friend and that’s how life is, completely unexpected. So most of the time the reason why you might have such problems is that fate has something else in store for you that is completely different and unique.

Life is too short to live with regrets, so make new friends, but keep old ones. Not having a deep friendship doesn’t mean you don’t have friends. Your time will come, but until then hold on to what you have. It’s normal to feel lonely sometimes. It’s not easy not having anyone to confide in, but there will come a day when you will find someone to confide in, and until that day all you can do is wait.

Wait patiently and joyfully for that day and cherish every moment you have once you have such a friendship.