9 Instagram accounts to make your feed more enjoyable

Friend of foe? Well, when it comes to social media, I would say that we often find it toxic and hurtful, instead of being a safe space where we can connect with our friends. However, I’m not saying get rid of all your social media, rather I think there is a better way to use social media. Below I go into a list of 9 of my favorite Instagram accounts that make me smile and make my Instagram feed a very positive place.

1) Dinos and comics

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The first is Dinos and Comics. Here we have an adorable Instagram of adorable little dinosaurs and their friends going through everyday problems in a hilarious and relatable way. Every comic makes you feel good, and every situation our little Dino friends face is super relatable. They’ll make you laugh, giggle, and say, “Yeah, I’ve been there before.” It’s just a good-humoured Instagram that has a very comedic outlook on life that can help you deal with the harshness of everyday life.

2) Good Good Good co

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Then we have an Instagram literally dedicated to highlighting all the good things humanity is doing. They combat all harsh realities with messages that a) show there is hope for humanity, and b) remind us of the good in the world. I think that’s very important because it can be easy to forget that there are still good things in the world to fight the bad. All of their posts also explain what’s going on and how it’s helping people around the world. It’s a really nice way to brighten your day by seeing the good things people do for each other.

3) Planet Prudence

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I LOVE Planet Prudence. Here we have a super cool illustrator who provides sweet and uplifting posts/illustrations that promote 1000000% body positivity. This instagram account literally fills me with joy because it also discusses “taboo” topics like menstruation in a real and honest way. Planet Prudence also encourages me and all of its followers to embrace their bodies 110%, recognizing that this is a difficult journey and it won’t happen overnight. If you want gorgeous artwork photos telling you you’re beautiful no matter what, you MUST follow Planet Prudence now.

4) Laptop Therapy

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For anyone who finds great journaling videos relaxing, Notebook Therapy is for you. Watching the journaling videos, for me, is super soothing and brings indescribable happiness because it’s so satisfying and cool. Also, for anyone interested in journaling or looking for new ways to journal, this Instagram is for you. It also inspires me because it’s a simple and easy way to detach from the seriousness of school and responsibilities. So I would definitely recommend Notebook Therapy as they will make your stream so beautiful, fun and relaxing.

5) Self Esteem Quotes

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Literally a page dedicated to reminding you that you are loved. Self Esteem Quotes posts daily positive affirmations that ensure that when you open your feed, you’ll be greeted with love and validation. I would recommend this to anyone who is working on their self-love journey and feels like they could use a reminder that they are amazing. It’s because you’re amazing and deserve to not only know it, but to embrace it. This instagram helps you do that with a range of quotes from self-care to mental health, so they have a positive affirmation for everyone.

6) Tasty Japan

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Tasty Japan is my favorite, but they have others like Proper Tasty, Buzzfeed Tasty, etc. This is a recommendation for my foodies who appreciate a good cooking video. Personally, I love to eat and this account always makes me very happy because I love seeing them make new desserts and dinners that look delicious. Of course, I have a bad habit of watching it when I’m hungry which only makes me want to eat more. It’s also another account that disconnects, as I call it, from the everyday because it introduces me to new recipes, and it’s really fun to watch.

7) Marcela Illustra

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Another great story that normalizes things like acne and body hair, but also things like mental illness that we don’t always talk about. Marcela is a truly amazing Brazilian illustrator who brings such a positive touch to things we are told are taboo or weird. Personally, I like the openness of his Instagram and the positivity it exudes. She also embraces body positivity, which is really nice, and creates posts that make you feel like you’re not alone. Another account I would definitely recommend if you learn to love yourself and appreciate how awesome you are.

8) Human positivity

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A collection of tips and quotes that promote positivity. Similar to self esteem quotes, human positivity has quotes that empower you, but it also has posts about activities and things you can do that can just add some sunshine to your day. I would definitely say that this account and accounts like this help make your stream very supportive and soothing.

9) Joanna Konstantopoulou

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I think I saved one of the best for last. Joanna is a health psychologist, and her Instagram includes posts on how to deal with anxiety, burnout, and other issues we face every day. It’s definitely an account that promotes openness about self-care and talking about what you need, which I think is really important and a good message. I would recommend checking out his instagram and seeing how that makes you feel. My final Instagram account suggestion, and one that I personally think has a very nice purpose.

Of course, there are other Instagram accounts besides these, and I encourage you to research them. However, some other tips to make your Instagram a more positive place are: unfollow toxic people; it will hurt at first, but in the long run it will help you feel better about yourself. Also, don’t follow toxic accounts (not just people) that body-shame or promote diet culture, because there are better accounts out there that will say you’re beautiful just the way you are.