Find your “why” and let it lead your way

Often you don’t recognize how fast you are growing until you stop, pause, look back, and reflect on how far you’ve come. Life moves so fast that it’s often hard to do, hence why so many of us don’t.

I certainly hadn’t realized how quickly time had passed until I walked over to my family photo booth a few weeks ago and took a picture of myself at four years old with three teeth of front missing. At that time, I really longed for such simple times, where people’s perception of you didn’t matter, where you wore what you wanted, ate what you wanted, played like you wanted it and didn’t feel judged for it. .

Fast forward 13 years, and in all honesty, at 17, I’m still a kid. I’m still learning lifestyles and making mistakes. But all these years have undoubtedly taught me many things, some of which I would now like to share with you, my dear readers.

Some Important Lessons

1. Learn from your past.

It will allow you to be present and guide you towards a better future.

A sense of identity is so fulfilling. For a very long time I didn’t know who I was and I tried so hard to try to be someone I wasn’t, associating with those who just weren’t “my people”. In the long run, not knowing who you are is dangerous. You might end up losing your true self in the process. But, with the help of my mother, I found my identity within my culture. It was by learning the beauty of my mother tongue and my traditions that I discovered and loved who I was.

2. Love all, trust few, and harm no one.

It will help us be the most exceptional versions of ourselves.

love everything: I know from experience that holding grudges hurts you in the long run, because while you indulge in hatred and contempt, they will continue to live their best life. Trying to understand each other is what really pays off in the long run.

Trust a few: The less people know about you, the better. Let them take it. Let them perceive you as mysterious, secretive, closed off. Talking about your plans most often causes negative energy and hatred. Move in silence and let your success speak volumes.

Do no harm to anyone: The reality is that we will inevitably make mistakes and hurt each other. But the important thing is to fight relentlessly towards a better future – a future in which we recognize our wrongdoings and pursue a better life.

“We should truly love each other in peace and harmony.” -Bob Marley

3. Find your goal.

It provides inner peace, contentment and a sense of direction.

In all honesty, for a very long time I had no idea who and what I wanted to be, and even until now I still haven’t got it all figured out. But it is okay. Finding your “why” is what will help you finally realize the “thing” that drives you to be a better human. Time and age will grant you the ability for this “thing”, as well as many others. The future, while unknown and rather daunting, is such an exciting concept.


Why, exactly, do we struggle so much with the idea of ​​growing up?

What awaits us is very different for all of us – reading this is an audience of current or future architects, veterinarians, lawyers, athletes, astronauts, artists, writers and politicians. And it’s really exciting, knowing that our generation will be the one to challenge the norms set for us, to correct the mistakes of those who are currently in positions of power, to oppose the social strata. And all of this, realistically, is not only exciting but also beneficial. One day, saying that “We live in a just and peaceful world” may ring true.

But I know that, especially when it comes to the future, I often hesitate. What if I don’t make the right decisions? What if I wasn’t destined for this? What if I make a mistake and disappoint everyone around me? And if I-


Yes, growing up is risky and naturally mistakes will be made. Things will go wrong. But the biggest mistake of all would be not to try.

“Life can only be understood backwards, but must be lived forwards.” – Soren Kierkegaard

Know within yourself that everything happens for a reason and find peace in remembering that one day everything will be okay.

We know it, but we are often still skeptical. And that’s because we all still have to find our own “why”.

Our reasons for being. The purpose designated for each of us at the time we graced the earth, but also the motive that constantly drives us to keep pushing, no matter what the circumstances. And that’s a big task for anyone – there’s plenty to choose from. Many leads to follow. All kinds of things could go wrong. But life is full of risks to take – rather the future “You” smiles and is proud of all the times you tried to sit back and wonder what could have been.

While I still have a lot to figure out, one thing I do know is that finding your “why” will bring an overwhelming sense of peace, self-awareness, and control. I don’t know where tomorrow will take me, but the beauty of life is that I have time to figure it all out.

Find your “why”

1. Think about the thing that makes you smile.

It’s something if, given the chance, you would happily do for the rest of your life. The thing you love with all your heart.

2. Try new things.

Whether it’s reading, writing, playing sports, cooking, dancing or singing, try whatever you think could help you grow, challenge yourself, and get out of the way. your comfort zone.

3. Realize that your “why” isn’t always an activity.

It could be an emotional stimulus that gives you immense passion. Either way, exploit it. Make it a strength and let the universe guide you.

Remember, finding your “why” is also a mental battle. You have to make peace with yourself, with all the mistakes you’ve made, with all the experiences you’ve been through. heal for you. And start over. Work towards a bright future. And once you’ve done that, tell your story. A lot of power lies in a story.