Ready for summer? Don’t forget to enjoy the spring

Spring is the season that marks the few remaining weeks of school. Spring is the season with warm weather and increased daylight hours. Although spring is often categorized as a less hectic season compared to other times of the year, there are plenty of activities to take part in to take full advantage of the time before summer arrives. Some of these activities are the ones you always wanted to do but never pursued, while others are the ones you never thought of doing. No matter what comes to mind when you think of the perfect spring, this list has something for everyone.

1. Turn off your phone and go outside

Winter is a time when all you want to do is snuggle up against a blanket on your couch while watching hours of television. Although the cold weather can be pleasant for a while, most people are eager to get back to the warmth. Spring weather is perfect for spending a lot of time outdoors. Push yourself out of the interior, no matter how tempting scrolling your phone or watching movies might be. Going for a brisk walk or just sitting outside are often underestimated activities that can have a huge impact on the day. even the smallest task can be powerful.

2. Enjoy food

Even if you don’t consider yourself the biggest foodie, spring brings some of the most delicious fruits and vegetables you need. Beets, asparagus, artichokes, arugula, apricots, avocados, kiwis, cherries and Meyer lemons, among many others, are foods worth incorporating into your spring meals. Starting my morning with a bowl of fresh seasonal fruit is a habit that creates a fantastic start to the day.

3. It’s picnic time

We all have the perfect image of a picnic in mind: the scene from the movie or TV series with a family lying on a plaid blanket and carrying wicker baskets. But you don’t need a checkered blanket and wicker baskets to enjoy a pleasant picnic with friends or family. Simply packing a few of your favorite foods and having lunch with your loved ones is a wonderful way to enjoy the season.

4. Berry picking

Contrary to popular belief, you can start picking berries in late spring, rather than summer and early fall. Picking berries will allow you to savor the seasonal fruits of spring and the good weather.

5. Start planting a garden

Planting a garden is an activity like no other. It’s not only soothing, but your hard work results in fresh, flavorful food that you and others can enjoy. You don’t have to wait for summer to start planting a garden. From honeydew to garlic, there are tons of options for delicious produce you can start growing in the spring.

6. Take a road trip

With beautiful flowers and pleasant weather, spring is the perfect time to take a road trip. More importantly, destinations will be less crowded than they will be in the months ahead.

7. Get ready for summer

Every student looks forward to and dreads spring. On the one hand, spring means that the school year is soon coming to an end. But on the other hand, spring is all about getting through missions that are difficult, overwhelming, and accumulate very quickly. Nothing better than getting ready and thinking about summer to take your mind off the drudgery of schoolwork. Maybe there’s a summer trip you’re starting to plan. Or maybe you’re excited about a specific program you signed up for.

There’s something for everyone in the spring. Whether you’re a foodie like me or someone who loves being outdoors, spring is the perfect time to enjoy the things you love the most.