7 healthy snacks to try this summer

During the summer, the perfect snacks are light, satisfying and quick. I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite snacks for summer. I haven’t included specific recipes or links to specific recipes, but everything below is easily searchable on Google for tons of possible recipes.

1. Granola Balls

With a combination of carbohydrates from dried fruits and oats and the lasting energy of fats from nut butter, chia seeds or flax, granola balls are very filling. I like to take them on trips or hikes as they keep me full and the energy they provide is long lasting.

2. Stone fruit salad

I know it probably seems extremely obvious to suggest you try fruit this summer, but not many people are taking advantage of the short (but sweet) stone fruit season. Nowadays we can pretty much get strawberries, apples, etc. year round, but stone fruits – think apricots, plums, cherries – are unmatched in late spring and early summer. They won’t be as good in a few months, so eat while you can! Cut up all your favorites and ball them up for the perfect snack. Full of vitamin C, your immune system will thank you! This summer I practically lived on apricots, because I know I will only be able to enjoy them for a few months.

3. Chia seed pudding

Like granola balls, chia seed pudding is a filling snack that will keep you full for a long time. Whether you make it with frozen blueberries, lemon, matcha powder, or almond butter, there are tons of variations online, so you’ll never be bored. Since chia seeds need a bit of time to absorb liquid and form a “pudding” anyway, this snack is the perfect food for meal prep. Personally, I like to make a simple big batch on Monday and enjoy it all week, spicing it up with different flavors or variations each day.

4. Egg bites

Egg white bites are great for pre-cooking eggs because they keep well while retaining all the flavor of scrambled eggs or an omelet. In your bites you can add tons of different ingredients – onion, tomato, spinach, sausage – and their protein and healthy fat content makes them perfect to take on the go for some fuel. I like to eat them in the morning before I work out because they are light and nutrient dense.

5. Lime Watermelon

Watermelon is a classic summer favorite, but have you tried it with lime on top? Besides elevating the flavor, lime is packed with antioxidants and (obviously) watermelon is very refreshing, making it a perfect healthy treat. You can also add mint for an even more complex flavor combo, or try mixing all the ingredients together for a delicious drink. The lime also keeps the watermelon fresher, so you can take it with you. I’ve been packing it for the beach for the past few weeks and really enjoying it.

6. Edamame

Most people wouldn’t consider legumes a fun snack, but edamame can be a really enjoyable way to get protein between meals. Edamame doesn’t need (and shouldn’t!) be confined to sushi restaurants. It’s a great source of protein, and it’s also high in antioxidants and vitamin K. You can buy them ready to thaw and enjoy at most grocery stores. They’re great on their own or with salt, but you can also try edamame with chili oil, garlic, or sesame oil. I love eating edamame after school (a perfect way to skip my homework), but it’s also a fun afternoon appetizer in the summer.

7. Fried potatoes

If you don’t have an air fryer yet, I don’t mean you’re missing something, but you’re missing something (although it could probably be done just fine in a regular oven). Depending on how you cut and season your potatoes, the possibilities with the air fryer are endless: whether you make fries, fries or wedges, the air fryer is a perfect way to prepare a filling snack that is a healthier alternative to the deep fryer. -fried foods and a tastier alternative to oven fried foods. Besides being healthier, these potatoes are also great because they’re easy to make at home and look like they’ve come out of a restaurant.

Hope you found some kind of inspiration on this list! During the summer, it’s especially important to eat nutritious and easy foods, not because it’s bathing suit season, or we’ll show more skin, but because summer is an active time, and we all deserve fuel that will support us and make us feel our best. .