Summer-Inspired Influencers You Need to Follow for Their Summer Aesthetics

Since Instagram changed its algorithm, scrolling through the app can be a bummer because your timeline might look dark. To spruce up your timeline with a taste of summertime aesthetics filled with fruits, flowers, love, and vibrant hues, check out these swoon-worthy Instagram profiles!

1) tiffany lai (@lai_tiffany)

Tiffany, a Montreal-based content creator, has the sleekest, most gender-neutral style. Her feed is filled with beautiful aesthetic photos taken around the city, with a vintage twist.

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If you want to discover amazing places to take Instagram-worthy photos, follow her!

2) Amanda Pulitano (@amanda.pulitano)

Amanda is a famous American Tiktok star, Youtuber and Instagrammer. As a fitness and fashion enthusiast, she has a plethora of beautiful bikini pictures as well as pictures of cute summer clothes.

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You won’t be disappointed if you choose to follow her because of her visually appealing stream and wholesome content on both YouTube and Instagram.

3) Steph Bohrer (@stephbohrer)

Stephanie, commonly referred to as Steph, is a well-known Youtuber among bookworms like me. I started following her for book recommendations, but stuck around for her adorable style. When I first saw her YouTube channel, I thought Steph sounded like the kind of girl novels you write about.

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For her Pinterest-inspired feed, she’s definitely worth following on Instagram.


Qing (pronounced Ching) is a Toronto-based pharmacist and blogger. Not only does she live an aesthetic lifestyle, but her home also exudes a Pinterest-inspired aura. She seems to have a beige aesthetic feel, full of exquisite photographs of herself and FOOD!!

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Follow her if you want to drool browsing her Instagram profile and also for pics of her and her adorable dog on a picnic.

5) Jenn Im (@imjennim)

Jen, my favorite Youtuber of all time, is a beauty vlogger as well as a fashion designer for her brand eggie. Jen has the most stylish Instagram photos, and it’s safe to say she’s living the “Pinterest dream.” Now that it’s summer and Jen is expecting a baby, you can see her sporting her baby bump in the cutest summer outfits.

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A post shared by 𝐉𝐞𝐧𝐧 𝐈𝐦 임도희 (@imjennim)

She also has a “not-so-secret” book club @curlupclub. I honestly admire his effortless aesthetic lifestyle as well as his “What I Eat In A…” videos.

6) ALLISON WHALEN (@allisonjwhalen)

Allison, a lifestyle and beauty blogger, has a rather casual style that can be worn on a daily basis. Her gram is filled with lots of aesthetic, fashionable, summer photos.

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Allison is the Instagram account to follow if you want to spruce up your timeline with some visually appealing summer vibes. She is a huge inspiration for poses and photo locations.

7) Yuyan (@itsyuyann)

Yuyan is a Chinese fashion and lifestyle influencer based in New York. His content is mostly about his own personal casual style. I love her feed because it exudes so much positivity and happiness. However, it was her laid-back personality that drew me to her account.

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You should definitely follow her for outfits and photo inspiration.

8) Anastasia Matisse (@anainparis)

Anastasia, a Paris-based content creator, would be the original’Emily in Paris.’ She gained popularity on the platform by posting photos of the Eiffel Tower, croissants and other Parisian must-sees. She also opened up in an interview about how similar her life was to Emily on the show. Even her best friend can be considered a Mindy.

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Besides, who doesn’t love a little Parisian touch? With just a glance at her sleek Instagram feed, you’ll be wowed by her style and photos.

9) nayna florence patel (@naynaflorence)

Nayna Florence Patel, a 20-year-old London influencer, recently launched her own podcast, Growing With The Flow. She became a vegan and started living a sustainable lifestyle while being a student. In a podcast, she discussed the difficulties of growing up biracial.

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Additionally, she enjoys bonding with her fans. You should consider following her for her unique and catchy stream or if you just want a new friend.

10) Audrey Rivet (@audreyrivet)

Audrey Rivet is another stylish influencer. Her photos are always stunning and her outfits are impeccable! She also exudes a lot of positivity and fun and seems to be very down to earth.

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Its content is both entertaining and endearing. You’ll feel like you’re browsing Pinterest while checking out her Insta profile.

11) Noor (artistic fishing)

There are surely a myriad of artistic Instagram accounts to follow.

Noor, on the other hand, is a bit divergent in that the canvases she uses for her paintings are rarely conventional. Her account’s color palette is dominated by purples, blues, and yellows, perfect for summers. Noor’s art is often floral in nature and heavily influenced by the work of Vincent van Gogh.

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The body art and ukulele designs really help set her account apart. The content isn’t the typical aesthetic images you’ll find elsewhere, but it’s definitely worth a look. You will be surprised by its creativity.

12) Moya Mawhinney (@moyamawhinney)

Moya is an Irish influencer who rose to prominence on YouTube during quarantine. She loves to travel, write, cook and more. Her content reflects her creativity, passions and positive mindset towards personal growth, leaving her audience feeling uplifted and inspired.

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Her profile is full of great travel and lifestyle photography. Also, she mostly shops at thrift stores and flaunts the unique finds on her curvy physique. Its exquisite food will undoubtedly enchant you.

In all…

Whether you prefer bright or neutral colors or just enjoy images that inspire you, following these aesthetic Instagram accounts will brighten your day! These profiles will undoubtedly keep your timeline trendy and sharp.