How to Rock Summer Festivals by Being Eco-Friendly

Festival season is in session! This summer, if you attend festivals or outdoor concerts, remember the impact of these shows on the environment and the cities in which they take place. With that in mind, I have some tips for you on how to be more eco-friendly while swinging. .

1. Carpool with people

A great way to save on travel, create explosive playlists, be with friends or family, is to travel together to your destination. UberPool, uber together, or drive together and make it an adventure. Pack some great snacks, challenge everyone to create playlists, play car games, and reduce the carbon footprint of carpooling to places.

2. Take utensils with you

Some of the best parts of festivals are experiencing the food and how Instagram-worthy and Instagram-worthy some of the meals you’ll have will be.

But what we cannot consider is the amount of plastic that is also used to eat that gooey, spicy, sweet or delicious meal. So bring some compostable utensils, edible cutlery or reusable plant-based eco-friendly utensils with you beforehand.

In addition to your ecological cutlery, bring with you refillable containers for water or drinks and for your food.

Finally, don’t forget the motto of the year that we’ve all seen on social media “Save the turtles” and get some paper, bamboo or steel straws.

With all of these sets, you and your friends can enjoy amazing food and have less of an impact when the festival is over.

3. Use an eco-friendly sunscreen

Being in the sun for long hours can be harmful to our skin, so prepare for your day with sunscreen, moisturizer, sunglasses and a hat.

Sunscreen wrappers end up in our oceans and can also be harmful to many marine species. On land, it can also take hundreds of years to degrade if this happens and can affect our soil, water supply and waste treatment. The chemicals in sunscreens can also be harmful to the Earth. So always read labels to see if a product has less of an impact.

4. Switch to biodegradable glitter

Personally, I love body, hair and face glitter and will try to use them anywhere, even if it takes forever to get them out afterwards. But, with the glitter process spreading all over the place at parties, concerts or festivals, biodegradable glitter is safe for the environment as well as my body.

So not only will you look shiny and cute, but you’ll be helping the environment!

5. Try vegan foods

As you explore the place, get food from local vendors, organic meals, or even try something new in the vegan section. Maybe you’ll find a new love for it and want to incorporate it into your daily life or swap snacks for some of these alternatives.

This is Shake Shack’s veggie burger and can be made vegan upon request.