Elegant jewelry for all occasions: Bauble Bar’s charming pieces are alluring

Definitely the best part of creating an outfit is choosing the accessories that go with it. Whether you like to keep it classic with gold hoops, sparkly with gem-studded gems, or themed for game night, Bauble Bar is sure to have a piece to match your OOTD.

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From tarot card necklaces and timeless stackable rings to the cutest studded tote bags ever, Bauble Bar has it all! Each piece has its own personality and you can mix and match it as you see fit.

Jewelry for every moment and for everyone

“No matter your favorite style or accessory fashion, we design the perfect pieces to wear while celebrating every passion and hobby. We’ve launched major partnerships with some of the world’s most recognizable brands, including Disney, the NBA and NFL, helps you accessorize for every occasion,” says Bauble Bar.

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We are proud to offer a wide range of sizes in our bracelet, necklace and ring designs to complement all styles, bodies and aesthetics. We want to make sure that every BaubleBar customer can easily express themselves.

-Trinket Bar

Sun with you wherever you go

You’ve heard of “sun in my pocket”…now do that “sun around your neck”! This beautiful pendant necklace features bright sunshine over a field of happy sunflower flowers and radiates positivity.

Shop the Tarot Card Necklace here.

The details simply cannot be overlooked. The skyline is a lovely shade of pale blue and the sun has an elegant medieval style with a beaming face. It rises above a field of sunflowers and the pendant features “The Sun” written in bold below.

I love how the charm is edged with studs that make it shine and sparkle.

The coolest thing is the inscription on the back of the charm, which features carved writing of the featured tarot card’s meaning, element, and ruling planet. That way you know this necklace radiates good fortune! The attention to detail in this area is to be obsessed with.

Linked to the top of the charm is a classic gold hoop, which connects it to a gold chain that makes it so timeless. It’s trendy and classy at the same time. Call it the best of both worlds!

The tarot deck grip of this necklace is stunning. If you like horoscopes, this is definitely the one for you – and the positive energy the necklace exudes is just everything. To shop the entire collection of Tarot Card Necklaces, click here.

Give this pearl a whirl

A piece of jewelry that every girl needs is definitely a classic pearl earring. However, to set yourself apart from ordinary pearl earrings, how about spinning your pearl?

Buy Valina earrings here.

It’s true: Valina earrings combine the two cult favorites of pearl drops and gold hoops to create a chic, high-end look.

“They’re the perfect pair for any everyday look or for a more upscale event,” says Bauble Bar, and we totally agree. Wear them for a night out, dinner with your friends, or just for a quick Zoom call, and you’ll look put together and cute effortlessly!

These earrings are made of freshwater pearl with curved gold plated brass with surgical steel posts. The golden hoops are curved “C” shape and look so delicate.

I love the size of the pearls and their lovely ivory glow. It’s simplistic while being just the perfect between informal and formal.

Valina earrings are perfect for pairing with other gold earrings; feel free to double or triple with them. I love layering them with other dainty, thin hoop earrings to add dimension – it gives you such an “on-the-go” fly look!

Turns out pigs can fly!

Need cute storage spaces for your lovely jewelry? Look no further.

Bauble Bar has the absolute cutest totes, and it gives me major heart-eyes. From a glazed donut to a pretty ribbon of pasta, totes are undeniably unique and one of a kind.

Shop the When Pigs Fly tote here.

This beautiful trinket box features a cute pink pig adorned with studded gemstones. Its small nose, legs, and curled tail are beautiful gold, and its wings are ivory with a gold swirling pattern.

The pig itself is baby pink but has gem studded and resin stones all over it. The attention to the little things is clearly evident, and the closer you look, the more impressed you are.

The tote hinges in the middle – all you have to do is gently lift the top half to reveal some space to place your knick-knacks.

It’s the perfect amount of space to keep your rings. However, you can also store plenty of other extras as these totes are meant to be not only cute but also practical.

This clever twist on the phrase “when pigs fly!” might be my favorite thing ever. The flying pig is “a reminder that anything is possible,” says Bauble Bar, and that optimistic outlook is just what we all need.

I love how cute it looks on my shelf, and it definitely adds a bit of sparkle and laughter every time I see it. Whether you place it on your desk, coffee table or dressing table, this pig will shine and really brighten your day.

Now that’s a Grand Slam

The tennis necklace trend is in full swing (no pun intended) and it’s here to stay. The Bennett Tennis Necklace is “a classic strand of gold-accented crystals,” says Bauble Bar, and it’s definitely a show stopper.

This must-have is perfect for fancy nights out – think fancy dress days and dinner parties – and the Bennett will add to the gorgeous look.

Shop the Bennett Tennis Necklace here.

This lovely necklace features glass stones resting on gold plated brass, all linked together in a line like a chain. He loves how even they are and the way the stone rests is both minimalistic and eye-catching. Stand right next to a reflective light and you’ll glow all night long!

I love that the gold chain is just a timeless staple, and has just the right shade without being too pale or too yellow. The necklace has a lobster clasp.

The Bennett necklace proves to us that the perfect stack necklace does indeed exist. “Choose to play singles with a style of your choosing, or add a doubles partner to create a layered look,” says Bauble Bar.

I love styling the Bennett with a mix of chunky chains and delicate pendants mixed together. This necklace really opens up the possibilities to really mix and match, which makes styling really fun! You can even add initial pendants to the Bennett to personalize it and make it truly you.

Cute, chic and eye-catching

The little sister to Bauble Bar’s all-time best-selling ring, the Alidia Mini Ring remains the classic rectangular gemstone shape while sporting a trendier look with added sparkle.

Shop the Mini Alidia Cubic Zirconic Ring here.

Featuring Cubic Zirconia stones, the 360° brilliance of the ring cannot go unnoticed. The 14k gold-plated brass hugs each gem at every corner to create a crown look, and the gems are placed next to each other without a single gap to add that extra shine.

From every angle, you’ll be able to see the ring shimmer, and this ring isn’t afraid to make a statement with its shimmering face.

The rectangular cut of the stones is really unlike any other, and I love how they together form a thicker band and visible appearance. On the back of the ring you can even see smaller rectangular cutouts which is a nice extra detail.

What makes this ring so popular is that it has a classic shape that will never go out of style, while maintaining a distinct, clean and bold personality. It’s charming and versatile, not to mention an easy accessory for all kinds of days and occasions.

Plus, it’s the perfect match for all your other gemstone rings: with its gold-plated backing and sparkling gemstones, this ring is perfect for stacking with some of your favorites.

The ring is available in four different colors: black, transparent, multi or pink ombré. Whatever the occasion or whatever your heart loves the most, this ring is perfect to add to your collection!

do everything for you

You want something a little extra and something more you?

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Bauble Bar has it all: from custom phone cases (which look like sweet candy and have that electric pop feel) to their Insta-famous comfy throws (perfect for layering on your couch or dorm room) and even a collection with NFL (support your favorite team but make it cute!) and Disney (a studded Mickey Mouse? Dreams come true!), Bauble Bar spruces it all up to make it feel like it’s really meant for you.

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