It’s Fall, Y’all: Autumn Essentials You Can’t Not Have

Autumn’s the perfect time when the cooler air meets the remnants of warm leftover summer- but more importantly, we dive into the essentials we can’t not have this season.

That’s why we’re bringing to you the best selection out of the best that is a total must-have; make this autumn the best season yet with these amazing essentials.

Will & Bear is THE Brand For Hats

Fall season translates to hat seasons; what better way to top off accessories than a fedora? Will and Bear offers us a wide range of quality hats that will fit in with the aesthetic of your dreams.

Going off to an adventure, or having just a simple fun picnic? The Calloway Fawn hat will compliment your activities perfectly. What we call a “Bohemian adventure dream come true”, these top-notch quality hats are bound to be one of your favorite closet staples.

“This is what we call a “Bohemian adventure dream come true.” -The Teen Magazine

Meet Calloway Fawn

A quality-made fedora with a wide brim to block all harsh light, this hat brings on a whole new definition of stylish. Not only does it have impeccable fashion taste and design, but it’s incredibly practical as well.

Topped with a Classic Teardrop pinched 11cm crown, this hat shows off an amazing aspect on its top view. Around the sides, we have a thin leather band in a dark sepia color, which perfectly compliments the color of the hat itself.

The band itself is incredibly smooth and thick, and has a gorgeous leaf-shaped brand symbol emblazoned on. Its simple yet beautiful design is one that you need to have. I loved how the band added some color contrast that perfectly matched the shade palette, and brought in some extra details.Think elegant and classy, yet ready for some wild adventure with this one!

The fedora is made with 100% Australian wool, and is soft to the touch with a gentle hug around your head while keeping its form. Perfect for everyone’s leisurely activities, we couldn’t think of an autumn season without one!

To shop Calloway Fawn, click here. You’ll also be receiving a free sustainable tote with any hat purchase- you wouldn’t want to miss out on this!

Elegant Yet Ready for Fun

Looking to amp up your hat game? Let Will & Bear be the one. With their flawlessly classic yet perfectly suitable for your enjoyable ventures, the Calloway Fawn will provide all aspects that you need.

This just is the definition of “classic elegance”- but just add in a pinch or more of fun!

Practical? Check.

Aesthetic? Check.

Perfect Sizing

Hats, it seems, are quite tricky to find the right fit; however, Will & Bear’s hats fit perfectly snug and is the right fit for everyone!

I seriously can’t stress enough how well it fit- every time I wildly shook my head, it stayed on perfectly without any falter or slips. I don’t think I’ve ever met a brand whose products fit so well! My personal size fit me in just the right size and gave it the right amount of support around the rim balance.

Additionally, inside the hat, around the rim, you’ll find a plush (but not too thick) lining that’s incredibly soft. You won’t even be able to feel it.

Will & Bear has their hats generally true to size- you won’t have to worry about any hats slipping off your head!

The Best Quality Ever, Hands Down

When we say the best quality, we mean the best quality ever.

The Calloway Fawn seriously wowed me on how soft the wool quality was- and without any fuzz falling out. The wool itself is the hat material, and feels very soft to the touch.

I was so pleasantly surprised to find it wasn’t any rough or stiff material. Many times, hats give us small headaches on how stiff and harshly formed they are, but that won’t be a problem at all with Will & Bear. It feels so comfortable with its top-notch quality that you won’t notice at all!

This hat is made to last you for years- the material is so durable and wild adventure-proof.

Sustainability Approach

For every hat sold, Will & Bear pledges to plant 10 (!!) trees. This promise is one that perfectly exemplifies the way brands can give back to the world in positivity-rippling movements.

“Forests are our natural air filters and water factories. They are our respite, and place of peace. Will & Bear have partnered with to plant 10 trees for every hat sold. Thanks to our community we have planted 200 Forest Gardens, at an average of 1 acre & 4000 trees per forest garden,” writes Will & Bear, “That’s about the size of 3200 tennis courts.”

For more information on how they are pledging sustainability, click here.

Since the brand’s inception in 2016, we have committed to planting 10 trees for every hat sold. Today, thanks for our community, we have now planted over 200 acres of Forest Gardens in Senegal, Africa. Why? Because we want to invest in a healthy environment for our future generations.

-Will & Bear

To learn more about how you can get involved, click here.

Let’s Go On An Adventure

So, are you ready to embark on a trip with Will & Bear?

Inspired by the road trips of the Australian lands and savannah, these hats will perfectly match your needs during an adventure.

“Will & Bear began whilst travelling Australia in our vintage Kombi just 4 short years ago. With life on the road, we trawled op-shops, met incredible humans and fell in love with the landscapes we explored. Being inspired by nature whilst living on the road, Will & bear was born,” states their page, “Now a high-quality hat brand, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of sustainability. By using 100% natural materials and planting 10 trees for every hat sold means that we can give back to our community and all the places we play.”

What better is it than to hit the road and explore the world through your own lenses with a Will & Bear hat on top- all while promoting sustainability into your lifestyle?

Keep Up!

Will & Bear’s Instagram lines in a social media gallery the aesthetic curation of adventure photos featuring the beautiful hats. You’ll find yourself yearning for an adventure with a Will & Bear hat in hand- now’s your time!

To keep up with Will & Bear on Instagram, find them here @willandbear.

Want to check out the brand? Totally- how could you not? To browse the store, click here.


Kinship is The Definition of Love

Been having problems with your skin lately, especially given the dramatic seasonal change with colder weather on the way? Kinship’s got the answer for you in the best way possible!

Think cute but effective and eco-friendly- that’s Kinship in a nutshell.

This is Everything Set

The name pretty much sums it up; Kinship offers to you the 5-item set with all the essentials that you truly must have. Included in the This is Everything Set comes the Naked Papaya, Insta Swipe, Supermello, Pimple Potion, and Self Reflect.

To shop this essential kit, click here.

Naked Papaya

To say I loved this cleanser would be an understatement. I’m obsessed with this hydrating and dewy-skin miracle formula!

Many cleansers unfortunately are stripping and cause irritation to your skin; however, I can say with upmost confidence that I could definitely feel its calm and gentle effects on my skin. Your face is delicate; treat it the best- because you deserve the best.

I was pleasantly surprised to find it didn’t lather in foam; instead, I was able to apply the Naked Papaya in an almost moisturizer-like wash! This seriously is a must-have; I don’t think I’ve ever been obsessed with a cleanser as much as this one!

Also, I definitely have to mention: the scent is amazing. It smells so natural without any additional harmful fragrances. Think tropical, but sweet and nourishing.

To purchase separately, click here. At an affordable $22, this won’t break the bank while keeping your skin the most hydrated and cleansed its ever been.

Insta Swipe

The Insta Swipe exceeded my expectations in all aspects. Let me get to the point: after a few swipes, my skin was seriously glowing. I most honestly don’t think I’ve had so much of a great glow with my skin!

Coming in 45 pads that soaked in the glow-recipe, the Insta Swipe is here to exfoliate, brighten, clear pores, and reduce those nasty breakouts. It smells amazing- like lemon on a fresh rainy day- and the pad swipes were surprisingly delightful on how they weren’t too thin, but not too thick. I say “surprisingly” because many other wipe products have thin and barely-soaked pads. Kinship’s INsta Swipe, however, is completely submerged.

Let’s jump back into the effectiveness of this swipe. This item is most definitely named correctly because it really does bring that Insta Glow- you won’t need any filters after this product.

When using, you’ll feel gentle and pleasing tingles all over your skin. It’s almost as if you can feel the magic working its way through your skin! Make sure not to wash away the tingles after swiping; it is recommended to use 3x a week and slowly bring to a daily use.

To shop, click here. Your soon-to-be-glowing skin will actually thank you.


Let’s talk texture! With the ever smooth moisturizer, the Supermello is here to cool down and hydrate your skin. It feels so fluffy and has the consistency of whipped gel cream. When you feel the moisturizer, it’s cool to the touch to effectively hydrate your skin. The cream will soak and dew your skin right away.

It smells like sweet vanilla and actually smells like marshmallows- which makes sense, as this has incorporated Marshmallow Root to support your skin with “hydrating, antioxidant + anti-inflammatory traits.”

I also loved how it didn’t leave my skin greasy after using! Additionally, it feels very light and will not leave your skin feeling weighed down.

To shop separately, click here.

Pimple Potion

Coming in a beautiful shade of sunshine yellow, the Pimple Potion will rid of all your breakouts and of course, acne pimples. With a light feel that you can use to dab portions over your desired area, this cream will soon have your acne begone! By the very next day, you’ll notice that the size of your acne will seriously shrink down.

With its four amazing ingredients that bring you effective “zit it, quit it,” the Pimple Potion contains:

Retinal • Potent derivative of retinol (vitamin A) that promotes skin renewal + improves texture.

Salicylic Acid 2% • Beta hydroxy acid clears blackheads, preventing new breakouts.

Bakuchiol • Plant-based retinol-like ingredient that helps brighten and clear skin.

Kinbiome™ • Plant-based probiotic supports clear skin + a strong skin barrier.

Let’s talk about scent: the Pimple Potion smells a ripe garden filled with orange flowers. When using, make sure to blend and gently have it seep into your skin for absorption.

To shop this miracle acne-begone potion, click here.

Self Reflect

This gorgeous luminous sunscreen comes is a white case with rainbow-encased silver lettering. Kinship’s got the packaging game!

I absolutely loved how this sunscreen was sheer and matte, without any greasiness and simple lightweight feel. Sunscreens can be difficult to settle on, but the Self Reflect sunscreen will match all your expectations. It also smells delicious and amazing: the scent of vanilla without any of *those* strong chemical smells.

Often times, many sunscreens utilize unhealthy no-no ingredients; however, Kinship’s Self Reflect uses clean and safe ingredients to protect your skin from the harmful rays.

I just loved how it didn’t feel like I was trapping any of my skin under sunscreen- it felt breathable and like I didn’t have any on. You also won’t be seeing any white residue- say bye to the ghost cast!

To shop separately, click here. Protect your skin; it’s delicate and it needs a shield from the harsh sun!

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Healthy and Gentle

Worried about what exactly you’re applying into your skin? You should be- more than often, many products carry some seriously unhealthy ingredients. However, Kinship is devoted to keeping their products as healthy and gentle as possible.

You won’t have to worry about any no-no chemicals with this brand!

We formulate without 1,300+ questionable ingredients banned by EU Cosmetic Regulations.

Ethical For Our Environment

We also really need to recognize how sustainable Kinship is; they’ve cleared over 2 tons of plastic waste from the ocean, which is then processed and made into packaging. Pretty cool, huh?

“We found a solution that goes full circle with all that existing plastic waste: OWP and post-consumer recycled (PCR) materials,” writes Kinship, “OWP is plastic waste, collected by local fishermen + volunteers in and around the Java Sea and beaches of Bali, Indonesia, recycled into new, sustainable packaging. We use OWP in our jars + lids, with the goal of using 100% OWP. One solution won’t be enough—this is just a ripple in the wave of changes we’re making to be more sustainable.”

Using post-consumer recycled materials like Ocean Waste Plastic (OWP) and minimal packaging, we’re committed to skincare for *all* well beings. We recognize the undeniable connection between the health of our 🌎 and your personal health.

Kinship is here to make the change. Read more about their ripples of positive impact here.

Packaging Plus

Everyone and anyone is a sucker for sweet packaging; you can definitely say Love Kinship scores a 10/10!

Not only is it sustainable and mindful of our earth, it’s adorably designed packaging and products are sure to win over your heart.

Keep Up!

To keep up with Kinship, find them here on Instagram @lovekinship.

Filled with gorgeous shots of their colorful products and even some giveaways (you should go enter!), this one is definitely one to keep in your social media following!


Boombastic‘s Here to Save Your Hair

Cocunat is a big favorite of ours, and is a total game changer. Their recently launched Boombastic is no different; this hair mask is so effective and wildly popular that it sold out within a week!

Boombastic: The Buttery Hair-Enhancer

Feeling like smooth butter on your fingertips as you scrunch on the Boombastic, you’ll find that it will leave your hair the shiniest and softest it has ever been.

The cream itself comes in a thick cream consistency, and when applying, it’ll immediately feel like conditioner on your hair, leaving it silky smooth. Immediately after washing off, you won’t believe how glossy and healthy the hair strands will become!

To shop, click here. Healthy and enhanced hair is just awaiting you!

Boosting The Waves

Tired of your hair not staying lively and healthy?

We get how you feel- a bad hair can just about pull down the mood. However, with the Boombastic, you’ll notice that your split ends will be all gone and that each hair, and the boosts of each hair strand. Also, not to mention, the shiny and glossy hair will soon to be yours with this hair cream!

With the Boombastic, your hair fibers will undergo “30 minutes of intense nutrition to get your hair back, strand by strand. [It’s] an explosion of strengthening actives to take care of your last 5 cm and prevent the appearance of split ends,” writes Cocunat, “Professional treatment for damaged, dry, colored and curly hair. Its unique formula, rich in Lauric, Linoleic acid and Carotenoid, penetrates the hair shaft, prevents protein loss and strengthens the hair fiber.It contains specific water-repellent components that block moisture from the cuticle by slowing down frizz.Shiny, nourished and powerful hair.”

This has also been “Curly Girl Method” tested. Your curls will love the explosion of fantastic from the Boombastic!

Effective Results

Cocunat has once again seriously wowed us! As one of the most effective and legit companies out there with actually quality products, this is no surprise.

The Boombastic will restore your frizz back into its bounce, nourish with nutrients, and regenerate it back to healthiness. My own experience was no different from the one in the image; this hair enhancer left each strand of my hair the softest it had ever been. Effects are the key word in the definition of the Boombastic; this will be your favorite hair mask!

To use, simply apply your desired amount onto clean, damp hair. If your hair tends to be more natural oil-prone, apply from the middle length of the hair to the very end tips. Then, wrap your hair in the anti-frizz turban towel and leave on for 30 minutes (or overnight if you wish). Afterwards, rinse out, and there you have it! The healthiest, shiniest, and restored hair you’d been wishing for!

It’s All in The Ingredients

Wondering what makes the Boombastic so result-bringing? It’s crazy how much life this miracle hair cream will bring!

It’s all in the superpowers of the ingredients:

Camellia oil (Tsubaki): Cocunat has applied this method from the ancient Geishas- this will put back together those split ends, kiss the frizz goodbye, and leave your hair the softest it’s ever been.

Macadamian oil: This oil is rich in palmitoleic acid and will give your hair that shine it needs!

Apricot oil: It’s true- whenever we see some hair loss down the drain, our heart breaks a bit. The nutrients of the apricot oil is here to help prevent this hair loss from happening and leave your hair energized.

Coconut oil: Well known for how supporting it is, the coconut oil will keep together and support each hair fiber and prevent damage.

Pomegranate extract: Your hair can become excessively dry if you don’t keep hydrated. The pomegranate extract is here to keep your hair strands nice and hydrated- hello to lively hair!

Amazing Scent

Oh, did I mention? This magical hair cream smells amazing!

The Boombastic is the perfect scent blend of sweet flowers and fruit. The scent will linger in your hair and surround you in a delicious, gorgeous scent!

Lock in Moisture With Wrap

The Boombastic comes with a turban towel in an adorable design of striped yellow and white; this soft and short-fuzzy textured towel is here to lock in that moisture.

Per instructions, after applying the hair cream, you are to envelop your hair with the towel. Attached to the towel is a cute large button; this turban towel is very simple to use and is easy to do.

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Ideal For:

Intensive hydration and nutrition, repair of dry and damaged hair, approved by the Curly Girl method, frizz control, no split ends, soft and shiny strands.

Vegan, Pregnancy and breastfeeding, Cruelty Free.

Gentle and Clean

Cocunat is no stranger when it comes to the “no lies” rule. You may have seen the term “Toxic Free” with Cocunat quite often- and that’s because that’s what they are about.

“In 2013 Cocunat coined the term TOXIC FREE to define cosmetics that only use ingredients with scientific evidence that they are safe for a person’s health and for the planet. According to this approach, Cocunat eliminates more than 9,000 substances, both natural, synthetic, and toxic, or those with evidence of being so, under the precautionary principle of 1996 whilst taking into account the Cocktail Effect, Cumulative Effect and Time Effect,” states Cocunat, “Since then, Cocunat has led a movement that is going around the world to ensure that regulations are updated[,] and we have safer cosmetics.”

Beauty doesn’t have to have nasty or scary chemicals. Skincare can be healthy and safe.

Cocunat is here to ensure that while keeping your skin and hair the best it can ever be. With this brand, I am completely in trust as they are one of the most high-quality and seriously effective brands I have ever met. If you want to see some results, you bet this is it!

Keep Up!

To follow Cocunat on Instagram, find their international Instagram here @cocunat_int and their main Instagram here @cocunat.

Find their amazing giveaways on their social media- you wouldn’t want to miss out with Cocunat!