The Perfect Match for Your Wardrobe: SNDYS’s Newest Drop is Bold, Fierce, and Feminine

If you’re looking for the perfect wardrobe staples that are high-quality, chic, and can effortlessly make a statement without breaking the bank, you’re at the right place.

SNDYS is the brand to look out for this season with their cozy, versatile, easy-to-style pieces that give us a whole new definition to a confident fashionista!

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The Aussie Brand Making Marks On Fashion

“Founded in 2012, SNDYS is the love child of two close friends, with strong business and fashion backgrounds. SNDYS is an Australian-based, internationally sold brand with a focus on creating gorgeous pieces for all women,” writes SNDYS.

“For SNDYS Directors Melanie Purcell & Lauren Gocher, Sunday was the one day of the week that they had always dedicated to their families, adventure, and ‘newness’, so it was only fitting that one of their greatest adventures of all would encompass all things ‘Sunday’.”

“We want women to feel like they don’t need permission to showcase their own style. For us, it’s always going to be about promoting creativity without contingencies.”


For those that dream of the bold yet in-touch with a romantic style, SNDYS’s vast range of fashion-forward pieces are serving us looks- not just on Sundays, but every single day and every single moment.

The Most Versatile Cardigan Ever

I’m calling SNDYS’s Sheer Knit Cardigan the most versatile cardigan ever because it truly is. In a “sheer” style that’s not completely see-through, this cardigan boasts a thinner fabric that makes it incredibly breathable.

Coming in gorgeous color options that are great neutrals, the Sheer Knit Cardigan is definitely a wardrobe staple. You’ll find yourself coming back to this must-have piece every time because they are the most covetable layering pieces ever!

The Sheer Knit Cardigan in Black

The Sheer Knit Cardi in black makes dressing up or dressing down so simple and fun to do. This one cardigan can make so many outfits pop, and is one of the best closet investments you could possibly make!

Simply throw on some basics to go along with this, and you’ll be all set.

Shop the Sheer Knit Cardi in black here.

A form-fitting cardigan that frames your silhouette in the nicest way possible, if there’s a keeper, it’s this one. This dark-colored cardigan makes for a great base and gives your outfit a nice contrasting color.

This cardigan featured a button-down detail that lines the middle of the front. Each button is a pearly off-white color that compliments the jet black color. The buttons make it easier for you to style, too: you could opt to leave a few open or close them all the way.

The sleeves go all the way to your wrists while leaving a little area of space between your wrists and hands to give you freedom of movement. The sleeves are not baggy, which I really appreciated, and do not get wrinkled up within each other.

Made to look like a little rounded neck feature, you also have the freedom to decide how you want the neck area to be styled. If you prefer a “V-neck” look, you could fold in the corners to give that allusion.

As I said, this cardigan is the true master of versatility, and you get to decide on how to style it- it’s all up to you! I’m totally obsessed with that design feature, and this cardigan really is the best staple you can find.

Made of 100% Viscose, the fabric is extremely lightweight. Cardigans can get a little stuffy sometimes, but not this one! The Sheer Knit Cardi was made to be breathable and is great for layering. That means you can bring this out of your closet all season long, making it the true closet investment everyone should have.

The cardigan is ribbed all over, which you can find upon a closer look. I love the smaller designs that really add up to a gorgeous cardigan that’s simplified and elegant.

Such a dark-colored cardigan can be hard to find, especially if you’re looking for one that’s lightweight, but this one does it all! The Sheer Knit Cardi comes in completely black color, and the cardigan features a solid black shade throughout.

This cardigan is cropped just at the right length so you can pair this with your favorite high-waisted bottoms. Whether it be jeans, corduroy, or even comfortable yoga flare pants, this cardigan will complement it perfectly. What I love about it is that you really can’t go wrong!

Perfect for a night out with your friends or even just your casual activities out and about, this cardigan will adapt to fit your moods. You can always rely on this handy piece, and always look stunning in it!

The Sheer Knit Cardigan in Blue

This gorgeous ocean-blue sky makes for the perfect pastel-but-not-overly-pastel look. If you’re looking to try on a bolder blue without being too strong, this one is the right pick.

I adore how this cardigan remains as basic as ever, allowing you to pair this with anything. Plus, this is one of those classic pieces that will never go out of style! That’s a true investment right there.

Shop the Sheer Knit Cardi in blue here.

This sheer-like but solid cardigan makes for the best piece to layer or wear alone. In a fitted style that makes it easy to style with any bottoms, the pretty blue color is definitely eye-catching.

Featuring a button-down in the middle on the front, the cardigan can be closed with tiny white buttons. The seven white buttons look so dainty with their simple design. You can choose to unclasp a few of them depending on your personal stylistic choices!

The long sleeves go along with the cropped cardigan. The sleeves don’t quite go all the way to your wrists, but end about midway, which I found to be a really cute look. If you prefer an even short sleeve ending, you could even roll or fold them slightly to make for the perfect summer look!

This looks like a round boat neck style, where it doesn’t curve completely inwards. The area of the neck given is perfect to place your jewelry! Whether you opt for gold, silver, or colorful necklaces, the beautiful blue will complement it well.

The fabric is 100% Viscose, so it feels very lightweight and not too heavy. It feels almost as if it’s water repellent (so it’s perfect to wear on rainy days) and is pretty breathable. The material does not feel scratchy at all!

I love the shade of this cardigan; while it has the “sheer” texture, it’s still pretty solid so that you can wear the cardigan alone by itself. This light-colored shade makes it perfect for spring and summer, but has a mature tint to it as well, which would suit autumn and winter. I love that this cardigan is made to be seasonal so that you can include this in your fashion style all year long!

The Sheer Knit Cardi is cropped, which makes it perfect to pair with high-waisted bottoms. Think your favorite mom jeans, printed midi skirt, or high waisted shorts! However, this could go along well with any low-waisted bottoms as well. Seriously, when I think of the word “versatile”, this cardigan definitely comes to mind.

Melting At These Stunning Pants

I’ve always been a huge denim person- because, after all, jeans are the easiest pieces, right? Well, that’s what I had thought until I discovered SNDYS’s Melt Pant.

These Melt Pants are the key to making a good outfit pop, and will simply look so stunning. I love how effortlessly confident they make you, and they are so easy to slip on and style with a good cardigan.

No joke, these might just be my absolute favorite pair of pants ever.

Shop the Melt Pant in black here.

The Melt Pant has a straight-leg silhouette that places great emphasis on looseness. It’s time to say goodbye to tight bottoms that constrict any movement- the Melt Pant will allow you to move freely!

The pants have a wide-leg style near the end of the pants. The legs of the pant are flared, which gives it a dramatic sweeping look that I’m obsessed with. You can’t help but fall in love with how flattering it looks.

The flare isn’t too blatantly obvious, but is definitely there. It feels like a vintage throwback to the 70’s, but is mixed with a confident contemporary style. If you’re looking for a timeless pair of bottoms, this one is what you need.

The waistband is elastic, which makes it easy to simply slip on and go. It doesn’t feel rigid at all and there is a “slight stretch” to it, as SNDYS writes. It didn’t feel too tight at all but was definitely sturdy. I love how comfortable it felt on!

The Melt Pant in black is a completely solid black color. It’s not too deep like jet black but is definitely dark. Upon closer examination, you’ll find that the pants are ribbed.

The ribbed pattern goes vertically all over the pants. I adore how subtle it is, and feel as though this is absolutely a key to the design of the pants. As all fashion rules say, if you want to exaggerate the legs, high-waisted pants with vertical lines are the answer- and this is exactly what that is, without being too over the top!

I was in total awe when I first felt the pants; it was so nicely thick without being heavy. It felt like corduroy, and I loved the slight velvety and soft feel the fabric had. These pants are made of 75% chenille, 21% polyester, 4% spandex.

Additionally, I loved that these pants were not too long. A lot of the high-waisted bottoms tend to be of exaggerated length, but these pants will give you a nice, flattering fit.

I absolutely love styling these pants with the Sheer Knit Cardi in any color. Especially with the Sheer Knit Cardi in black, it gives you a cool all-black ensemble. You could pair these bottoms with any color on the top- it’s a strong guarantee it will look good no matter what!

The Melt Pant comes in two color options: black or cream. I am 100% raving about these pair of bottoms, because it really will look so amazing on.

The Iconic Zendaya Top

Summertime is nearly here, which means it’s time to bring out your favorite: tank tops!

SYDYS is taking it up a notch with their halter top that will satisfy every single fashion girl’s tastes. It’s simple but with detail, and has the perfect open back design that is meant for the warm weather.

Meet the Zendaya Top- the halter tank top that will soon be your favorite and must-have for the summer.

Shop the Zendaya Top here.

A halter top is essentially a backless tank top. You are able to secure the piece by using two straps to tie around the neck.

These make for the perfect summer piece because the backless design makes it perfect to soak up the sun and looks amazing on!

The Zendaya top is lined and has a triangular top design in the front. The two straps to tie around the neck are placed at the tip of the triangle, creating an “X” design. I love how it genuinely looks so effortlessly cool.

The two straps are very long and are on the skinnier side, giving it an easy-going design. It’s the perfect length to create a long ribbon tie, or even double-tie for further security. (The top itself is very well constructed, so you don’t ever have to worry about it slipping off.)

The back is completely open except for the ribbon tie at the back of your neck and the strap of top material that runs across the low side of your back. The back of the top is very low, so it truly exaggerates how open-back it is.

In completely black color, this simplistic all-over solid shade looks very edgy.

I love how stretchy and cool the fabric is to the touch. It almost even feels like swimsuit material! The fabric is extremely lightweight and feels soft to the touch.

The Zendaya Top is cropped length. It’s a lot of the shorter side, hence why it truly is the tank top of this summer season!

You could pair the Zendaya top with anything high-waisted to make for a fit that looks stunning and compliment-wrothy. Try pairing this with SNDYS’s Melt Pants for some flair!

Comfy and Cozy in a Huggable Knit

The most snuggly, huggable sweater is right here- the Brooke Knit! With thick, chunky cable knit patterns, this is a timeless classic that always will be trending every season.

This is great to throw on in the colder weather, but can be layered on top during the warmer times as well!

Shop the Brooke Knit in white here.

The best throw-on sweater you could ask for is this one. Oversized intentionally, this has the perfect effortlessly chic look every fashionista strives for!

Which repeated cable knit patterns throughout, the Brooke Knit is such a timeless must-have. You’ll find that the cable knit comes back every winter- so you know that the Brooke will be a staple piece to have with you.

The white color of the Brooke is very pure; I love that it’s exactly as in the color, and isn’t an off-white shade. The white color makes it easy to style and pair with anything, which makes it truly efficient.

The Brooke sweater has little holes in between the knitted pattern sweater. It’s pretty subtle- not too obvious, so it’s okay to wear this alone without wearing an undershirt underneath. I love that the holes make the sweater a little more breathable, but still remains as cozy as ever!

Long sleeves are a must to a sweater, and Brooke’s sleeves have roomy areas that are spacious. It ends with a tapered wrist design, and I loved that I had the security of knowing that it won’t slide down and bother me.

The sleeves are also made slightly larger intentionally as part of the design, and I loved how it made rolled-up or scrunched patterns on the sleeves.

The oversized fit makes me want to give out hugs to everyone. It balances the art of a loose fit without being overly droopy.

The fabric of the Brooke Knit is made of 100% acrylic. It’s super comfortable and isn’t scratchy at all! I love how soft and thick it feels, while still remaining lightweight as ever.

SNDYS advises, “This knit will warm up any winter blues! Pair with denim & ankle boots or a mini & thigh high boots for a chic urban look!”

The Brooke Knit is also available in the shade sky blue.

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