Turn unpleasant moments into sweets!

lowerIf you are worried, too shy, if you feel tired and exhausted, you can change your mood with the food you eat!

These days, your classes were already very busy, and on top of that, you were walking the streets every day with your friends! Well, at home you also help your mother with many things. In short, you feel very tired. You feel sleepy early in the evening and some parts of your body even hurt. In fact, there is nothing to be surprised about. Because these experiences are the natural results of the intense rhythm in which you find yourself. It is completely normal for his appetite to be affected by this situation. If you want to get through this period as soon as possible, you should include plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C in your meals. It is recommended to consume these vegetables raw, in particular not to lose vitamins. Orange, kiwi, carrot, green pepper, parsley will help you. As a drink, prefer herbal teas such as rosehip.

1 kiwi
1 orange
1 grapefruit

Preparation of
1. Squeeze the orange and grapefruit.
2. After peeling the kiwi, grind it in the food processor and add it to the mixture. Enjoy your lunch!

Do you feel like you’re watching a rerun of the same movie every day? Get up in the morning, get ready, go to school, listen to lessons, solve problems, come home, study, even study all the time. So eat and sleep! It’s as if your life was spinning in a vicious circle and everything was repeating itself in the same way. You’re fed up with them too, you don’t want to do anything! In fact, there are voices that say “enough is enough”. Thus, milk, yoghurt and cheese particularly rich in calcium will be your greatest helpers during this period. One of them must be present at breakfast every morning. If you don’t want it, fruit yogurts and fruit milks can help. For example, you can make yourself a strawberry yogurt or a milkshake. Fruit yogurts made with seasonal fruits will greatly ease your boredom. Since your vitamin C needs will increase during this period, you should not neglect to increase your consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables.

extreme anger
OH MY GOD! You’re so angry these days that no one can even come near you! You yell at everything, you can’t even stand the slightest thing. Everyone has their share, even your friends try to stay away from you. If you think so much anger doesn’t go away easily, you’re wrong. There are also foods that will help you during these times! For example, oilseeds, especially hazelnuts, walnuts and peanuts, are safe to eat. But there are some things you should avoid. You should stay away from caffeinated beverages and red meat.

That handsome boy in your class just can’t come and open up to you and it pisses you off. Maybe you even feel disappointed, thinking that nothing will happen now. Don’t be sad, my darling, there is a time for everything! But you still do not leave your body without resistance and pay close attention to your diet. In such cases, vegetables have anti-frustration properties. Especially since artichoke and celery are very effective, it is absolutely necessary to eat one.

You went to the cafe with your friends, but even a knife won’t open your mouth. You feel withdrawn and afraid to communicate with those around you. How well they talk and have fun! Why can’t you be like them? You can supplement with food to change your mood. For example, phosphorus-rich fish, legumes, and bulgur will help you get through this period quickly. If you want to regain your self-confidence, you absolutely must eat it.

Shrimp cocktail
250 grams of prawns
Olive oil
soya sauce

Preparation of
1. Boil the prawns in plenty of water. After cooling, remove the skins and put them on a plate.
2. Add olive oil, lemon juice and soy sauce to it.
3. Garnish with parsley.
Enjoy your lunch!

If you’re going through big things in your life and expect them to happen, it’s perfectly normal to be worried. For example, if you have to get 100 on the math exam this term because your report card is low, it’s very difficult. Or if you are an ÖSS student, the weight of the burden on your shoulders cannot even be measured! If you are worried about the stress and worries caused by the thought of not being able to win college, what you should do in such cases is to drink plenty of fluids because there will be excessive loss of fluid in your body. For example, you can take a light soup, compote or juice.

Doesn’t everyone have the right to be happy? So why do you worry and care about so many things, tell me! Come on, put your worries aside and feel very, very happy eating chocolate with a serotonin-boosting effect to be happy!