Is adolescence the right age to fall in love?

Love is a complicated emotion. Some may think it’s just another emotion like happiness or sadness, while others may think it’s one of the most intense emotions of all. It is an emotion that can either build you up or eradicate you. Don’t we all know Shakespeare’s great love story, Romeo and Juliet? This story did not end well. Will our teenage love affair destroy us too? Or will he mark our names in a guestbook?

Who exactly is a teenager?

Adolescence is a very interesting and complicated time. It’s the period of our life that shapes us, it’s the stage where we get those random adrenaline rushes that compel us to do something we’ve never done before. Well, to be very specific, it’s the best period of our lives. Pragmatically, the age range of 13 to 19 is classified as a teenager, and hey, I’m a teenager too. So, let’s discuss what exactly are our teenage years.

1. Moments of pleasure

The most important thing to do as a teenager is to have fun and enjoy those precious moments. Once he’s gone, he’ll never come back. Can’t stop sand from falling, can you? So the first thing to do while you’re in this frenzy is to have the best time of your life.

2. Explore

Life is all about exploring, but once you get older the opportunities for exploration diminish, so it’s best to explore all you can at that age. And the subject is not limited to studies or sport, but to the discovery of oneself and one’s passions. It’s the best time to explore and get into something you really enjoy.

3. Study for school

This article is not intended to give lessons to anyone to study, it is rather an eye-opener. It is really important to focus on your studies at this tender age. As a teenager, we have neither knowledge nor money to support ourselves, but what we have is a strong power of understanding and the ability to learn anything we want. So, to have a better life, don’t stray away from your studies.

So, now that I’ve mentioned some of the common things a teenager needs to do to have the best time of their life, it’s time to move on to the most important thing -“To like”.

What is the right age to fall in love?

A wise man once said “There’s no good time to fall in love”, and I dare not disagree with this tantalizing statement. It’s definitely okay, there’s no good time to fall in love. There is no law stating a particular age to fall in love, so what’s the problem? Why are we wasting our time on this stupid question?

Of course, there is no perfect time to fall in love. You simply meet people because you are meant to meet them. No one can stop this. Who knows, maybe the person sitting next to you in class could be your future partner? Nothing is ever fixed, it’s an unpredictable life and nothing can be done about it. But as stated above, love is a complicated thing and people often say that teenagers are too young to digest this emotion. For some, sharing leftover pizza it’s love, while for some, spending quality time together is a perfect definition of love. But is it really important to have a lover at this age? No, it’s not important. It’s up to you to explore, to see what’s happening and coming into your life. All in all, channeling all of your energy into one person can degrade your rate of growth. Nobody says it’s a sin to have a lover at this age, but it’s important to have an understanding between the two of you. It’s a crucial time for you to grow so you can build for the future, so instead of focusing on just one person, it’s better to involve that person to improve your life.


So, what to conclude from this? We have seen that love is not just a random commotion inside a human brain – it is much more than that. It is a feeling that heightens emotions, makes us want to do everything possible for our lover, but focusing only on one person can affect and reduce their chances of interacting with various other things and we may end up missing a lot . So, to conclude, I advise you to pursue whatever life has in store for you at this tender age, while clinging to the person you love, so that you both have happy and fulfilling lives ahead of you.