How to watch Boujee on a budget

Many people think that to look sophisticated and expensive you have to be a millionaire, which is not the case! Many people on social media look stylish without wearing a single brand name.

Rihanna, Solange and Yara Shahidi are just a few examples of celebrities who I think have immaculate fashion sense because they don’t dress too much with designer labels and always look great whether on the red carpet or on the way to the gym. You can look like them without spending thousands of dollars/rands.

Let me help you release your inner boujee and teach you how to look expensive without breaking the bank.

1) Monochromatic Outfits

Monochromatic wrapping is wearing one color with different textures or similar shades to achieve a tonal look. When you wear a head-to-toe color, you instantly look more expensive and put together. Tonal is one of my favorite trends and looks like silver, honey!

2) Accessories

Accessories are everything because they add a touch of elegance to an outfit. Just adding a gold plated necklace to your ensemble can make a huge difference. Your accessories don’t always have to be the same color as your outfit, but make sure that if they clash, it’s intentional. I would recommend buying lots of necklaces (especially the gold ones) and rings as these are current trends that amp up any outfit.

3) Makeup

There are plenty of ways to make your cheap makeup look more expensive. There’s no reason to splurge on expensive palettes and foundations.

1) Prepare your skin: For your foundation to look its best, let alone the most expensive, you must first prepare your skin. To keep your skin supple and smooth, you need to moisturize your skin morning and night. It also helps to create a perfect surface for your foundation.

2) Get the right equipment: Having the right tools will not only allow you to apply your makeup easily, but also to look great.

3) Maintain a dewy look: Matte foundation, when applied incorrectly, can leave your skin looking like a mask because it doesn’t always match your skin’s natural glow. Matte foundation can look like a supermodel, so opt for a lighter foundation to achieve that dewy look.

4) Colors that go well together

Let me introduce you to something that WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE. I present to you: The fashion color dressing guide!

This is a guide that tells you which color works best with which color. With this, you will never be arrested by the fashion police for making the mistake of mixing a yellow piece and a red piece.

5) Have your clothes personalized

Nothing (well, maybe a few things) is worse than an ill-fitting outfit. And, while a tailor may seem expensive, the work will instantly make your clothes feel like they were made just for you. If you’re a frequent second-hand shopper, you can buy clothes for a fraction of their retail price, have them customized for a few dollars, and you’ll have a unique fit in no time. Because one size doesn’t fit all, why should you buy clothes and expect them to fit perfectly?

6) Follow the 70/30 fashion rule

The key to fashion is understanding that all trends will die at some point, and while most will resurface later, you’ll get the most out of your clothes if you have basics that can go with multiple outfits. The 70/30 rule of fashion states that your wardrobe should be 70% reusable pieces (items that can be worn multiple times) and 30% trending clothes (fashionable clothes at the time). For your non-trendy items, opt for nude-colored tank tops, white shirts, pants, and jeans.

Consider This: Why do you think Kim Kardashian ALWAYS looks well-dressed, even when her outfit is simple? She is aware of the information..

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7) Wardrobe essentials

The following garments can be worn with almost anything and are essential in your wardrobe.


This garment is ideal for looking like “that girl” in all weathers. If it’s cold outside, wear the shirt with jeans (and a belt) and boots. If it’s hot outside, wear it with boyish shorts and your favorite pair of trainers. Wear a corset over the shirt and black thigh high boots if you’re feeling daring.


From classic full bodysuits paired with your favorite sneakers to short, soft rompers designed specifically for the warmer spring and summer days, jumpsuits are ideal for throwing on when everything else seems too much.


A letterman jacket is a baseball-style jacket traditionally worn by high school and college students in the United States. Over the years it has become one of the greatest staples. The best 21st century varsity jackets (also known as letterman jackets) can be seen on celebrities ranging from model influencers to A$AP Rocky.

D) Structured coats

Layering gives an outfit a lot of depth and completes it “visually”. A classic trench coat will elevate a simple outfit and make it look more expensive.

Coats are essential in any wardrobe due to their versatility. It can be paired with jeans, a shirt, sneakers or a jumpsuit. Wear it with a shirt, boots and stockings, then accessorize it with gold jewelry, sunglasses and a handbag.

8) Personal care and hygiene

You can dress like you’re going to walk the red carpet, but your hair and nails are unkempt. Outfits are just as important as hair and nails.

  • Good skin: You should have a good skin care routine which can be as simple as washing your face twice a day, applying sunscreen and your cleansers.
  • Hair: Keep your hair beautiful by keeping it clean and healthy.
  • Nails: Have clean nails. You can have nice long acrylics, but I think applying nail polish works just as well.
  • Teeth: brush and floss your teeth daily, and whiten them if needed
  • Perfume: Use deodorant, perfume, and/or cologne to make sure you smell good. You could even invest in a signature scent.

9) Don’t dress too much on brand names

When trying to look expensive, avoid wearing clothes with big brand logos and symbols as this will make you look like a walking advertisement. Consider some of the richest and most famous celebrities in the world; you rarely see them posting the brand name of the clothes they are wearing. Instead, they dress in comfortable, simple, high-quality outfits. An example would be Rihanna, who is rarely seen wearing designer names.

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You would probably be able to find something close to a designer piece with no logos or markings that looks and fits nearly identical to the original. This will not only make you look more polite, but it will also save you money!

10) Attitude and state of mind

Sometimes you have the look and the style, but not the attitude. Always remember that if you believe you are a bad guy and behave like one, no one can ever take that away from you or convince you otherwise. Absolutely nobody.

11) Store Recommendations

Who said you had to tell your friends where you found that sexy dress? Fast fashion has allowed us to find pieces that look designer but don’t cost designer price. Browse the sale shelves, new trending section and online stores to find super cute, chic and easy to pair pieces. If you prefer shopping online, here are some stores I recommend:


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Amazon Fashion

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Pro tip: Look at what the latest celebrities are wearing and see if you can recreate it on a budget.

You are now ready to update your wardrobe and start implementing these tips now that you have the complete rundown of what you need to do to look boujee on a budget. article!